frequently asked questions
I'm wanting to purchase a particular DVD but I can't find it on the shop.
The shop doesn't sell convention DVD's at the moment.  Please contact the Office at info@kcc.org.au if you wish to order a DVD.
How long does it take for talks to get put on the shop after a convention?
The shop is run by volunteers and we endeavour to have the talks up within the first few days after a convention has finished. eg. For men's convention this year there were 3 weekends.  The talks were up on the shop within 3 days of the last week.
How do I go about downloading the talks after I have paid for them?
You will receive 2 emails.  One to confirm payment and another email with the links to download the talks.  Alternatively you can download the talks by going into your account on the shop in "order history".
I get this error when I try to register on the shop "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14' Incorrect syntax near '='. /shop/MainSQLFunctions.inc, line 136" What does it mean?
This usually means that you are already in the system and will need to contact us at shop@kcc.org.au to get your password reset.
What do I do if I haven't had a chance to download the talks I purchased and the link is expired?
If you email the shop at shop@kcc.org.au we can reset the links for you so you can download them.
I have just purchased a talk and received the link in an email but it is telling me that the link has expired or is not valid.
Please make sure that the link is not split across two lines in your email program – if so you may need to paste each line in separately joining them back together.  Also make sure the ~~~~~~~~~’s are not on the end.  Alternatively, go into your account and into "Order History" and download the talk from the shop.
If I order physical media, how long does it take to be sent to me?
Physical media orders are processed through the office.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for physical media to be delivered.  During times when conventions are on there are larger volumes of talk orders so there can be longer delays.
Why do you need all those details for a mp3 download?
Our system needs to collect email, physical address details and contact details as we provide both MP3 and Physical CD's for sale.
Whilst the physical address and contact phone numbers are not required to deliver an MP3 it does allow us to contact you if we find an error or issue with any of our products.
We are also legally required to keep accurate records of sales for Audit purposes and we need to know what countries we are supplying to for tax purposes.
We understand that some people are sensitive about the details that they provide to online services however we do not ask for anything that you would not provide on a website for a pizza delivery.
If you are concerned about providing these details online you can request an order form through our office to purchase physical media.
If there is more than one weekend for a convention, which one is available to order & download from the shop?
If there is two or three weekends to a convention, the second weekend is generally chosen to be available to download.  If you would like a particular week or the week that you attended the convention, then please contact the office to order this, however this will only be available on Physical Media (ie. Audio CD/MP3 CD).


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